Random Monday Mumbles

I'm on the road again for my new job to a National Launch Meeting...I've gotten out of the habit of playing nice with others.

Optional fun (when you know damn well it is mandatory) is so irritating.

Please invest in some decent friggin headphones when you travel. If I can hear your music as if it is playing in my ears, they SUCK.

Something happened this past weekend that was just plain humiliating & devestating. I was filled with a despair that even clonazeapam barely pulled me out of.

I managed to pull it together, stand up, throw my shoulders back, hold my head high and keep it moving.

My lip still trembles from time to time...but I "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." - Dori in Finding Nemo.

This too shall pass.

A friend of mine got the most awesome news in the world today. I'm going to taze her though if I hear about her thinking she was not good enough. HUMPH.

Dreams, backed up by action & preparedness, DO come true.

I don't think she is gonna like the 40 pieces of jewelry I got from the dollar store for her 40th birthday now that she is big time.

I think I succeeded in making Princess Cara's Kindergaten preparation special. I probably spoil her rotten.

Prince Jordan - college man - has his 18th Birthday tomorrow. I think he is going to holler (or kill me) when he gets the gift I bought him. A blast from the past.

I am not happy about going back to work, but I needed benefits. I should wear a sign that says "Will work for healthcare".

Can you say I'm an advocate for healthcare reform. And I don't want to hear anybody's fugnuckery & or hysteria about it. Get educated, read and then we can have a rational discussion.

My sister is wearing me out with the daily phone calls. Apparently she fell on a curb and cracked 3 ribs. We are still trying to figure out at what angle do you fall to do that. We suspect she got her azz kicked up against a curb but she ain't talkin.

I just don't know how people live in a state of perpetual drama. I find it simply exhausting.

I am still trying to figure out just what would happen if I left my portable electronic devices on while in the air. Seriously.

Well, we are about to land and I'm going to have to put that "Corporate Smile" on my face an make nice for 3 days.


What are you mumbling about this Monday?