City Running & Executing a PLF

I was in Nashville for a company meeting and had to get in some miles in preparation for the Clydes 10k this weekend. I'm not much for running on the treadmill, so I went to the concierge, got a map and found a route - 2mile out & back.

I rarely run "in the city" but I have some wits about me when I have to do so. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a bus (you had to see the movie, Dodgeball). N.E.Way...I got up at 530am and was off. I could not believe the amount of traffic out. Running through intersections, dodging cars & buses and navigating uneven pavement. LAWD.

I got to about the 2 mile mark which ended on an uphill and my slew foot clumsy self tripped on a piece of raised sidewalk - I was going down. While I am not Airborne qualified, I did learn in Jungle Warfare school where we had to air assault into da jungle and other fun (crazy) traipse through the jungle with weapons & pack & ish how to fall properly. It is officially called a PLF (Parachute Landing Fall). I won't go into the mechanics of it (and I really don't do it the way it is taught), but the jist is to minimize the effects of busting your azz and breaking bones when you fall.

When falling forward, you have to learn to go with it and not try and break your fall with your hands or you are likely to break your hands, wrists or sumptin'. Go with it, tuck your shoulder, drop and roll, back up on your feet. Kinda like a modified forward roll.

My toe clipped that sidewalk and...Drop, tuck, roll, up. I stand back up, dust myself off and do a body part check. As I'm gathering my wits, this random man had seen the whole thing and was approaching me. What was absolutely hilarious about it was he was coming towards me with his hand up, palms forward as if to say "Easy, easy, I don't want to hurt you, please don't scream or kick me." So, he is coming towards me, hands up ....

Man: Are you okay, are you okay?
Me: Yes, thank you, I'm fine?
Man: Are you sure? Look like that hurt. Are you going to finish your exercise? You want ride?
Me: Ummm. No. I'm fine.

The man backs away, hands still up. I couldn't help but laugh. I was thinking, really, I'm not gonna hurt you, man.

I shook off the tumble and finished the rest of my run.

If I can dodge a sidewalk, live to tell about it...I think I got this race on Sunday. What ya'll think?