Picking Up The Pace

I have been working on getting my run lungs/legs back under me after several injuries. I started Running to Cadence which helped me immensely in getting my breathing down and a running rhythm again. The drawback...the cadence pretty much keeps you at a 12-13 min pace. Easy peezy.

Well, not so much when you are trying to increase your pace for the road races you've entered so as to not cross the finish line dead azz last or damn close to it. I decided to change up my "music" to some stuff I used to run to (a mix I downloaded called On The Treadmill and another called R&B Anthems). Holy Cow. The difference some music makes.

Now, for all of you running w/o music purists - WHATEVER! - you do you and I'll do me. I am not trying to qualify for the Olympics or anything. I run for me. I run for fun. I run for fitness. Whatever you think about running with music...I don't care ONE IOTA. Mkay?

N. E. Way...

I was able to cut almost of min of my average pace of 12:30...and it felt awesome! I was a little winded and needed to get my breath under control a couple of times - which I did - but I felt great. I'm on my way for a great running season.