Warrior Lacrosse Parents Weekend

It was Warrior Lacrosse Parent Weekend at Indiana Tech this past weekend, so we loaded up the conversion van and hauled 10 hours out to see our young man & the Indiana Tech Warrior Lacrosse team play some LAX!

You know I take my Army Football/Basketball & Indiana Tech Lacrosse STAN (stalker-fan) seriously...like to a whole new level - coordinated outfits to the school colors & cheering like one of the crazed fans you read about and get ejected from games. That's me.

I also have more camera & video equipment than the average spectator. I'm serious about this stuff - capture the moment and whatnot. The key is to figure out how to get in a couple of the pictures yourself. It's a struggle but I manage.

Prince Jordan looked awesome and I was SO FRIGGIN PROUD walking around giving head nods all around. The Prince was giving us a tour and EVERY SINGLE PERSON (from the security guard to the cleaning lady to the staff & faculty) said Prince Jordan was a great young man. *head nod* Yep, that be my boy! Inside I was like all warm and fuzzy - I guess we raised him up okay. Now, if I could just get him to keep his room clean at home like his suite is at school. Fat chance, huh.

Anyway, here is some pics & video from Friday nights game against Ball State. Enjoy.