The New Grill Christening

The Queen Mother was gracious AND generous and bought the family a new "fancy" grill with her tax refund monies. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN MOTHER!

She handed me the receipt and said "Handle the pick up - make it so number 1." I went and picked up the grill on Saturday and the Queen Mother decided that it must be christened. Thus, the impromptu BBQ on Sunday after the Clydes 10k. It was a little cool but we managed to make the most of it and had a great time.

Two pitchers of SideCars were consumed. Sissy made the MOST FABULOUS Pork chops (she did the swine industry proud). AngryBlackManVA brought the cigars & the bread pudding. SLAMMING! How could we not have a great time.

I believe the grill will be getting a serious workout this season. Who's in?