Warrior Lacrosse Parent Weekend - Part 2

Thought I was playin' round bout this stuff? NOPE! I am a Warrior Lacrosse Mom! Woo Hoo.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. Sunny with a light breeze - about 70 degrees. Very comfortable. Did I even think that I would need sunscreen? NOT...and right now I am nursing a nasty little sunburn on my chest. That will teach me to let the girls out and be all cute and whatnot on a sunny lax day. I got me some Motrin for the inflammation & pain and some aloe vera gel to cool the heat radiating off my chest. LAWD. The things I suffer in the name of being a Warrior Lax STAN.

This game was a tough one. We got smoked by Davenport - the Divisional champs, but we played hard. I heard they were a tad irritated that IT even scored against them. How dare a team of all Freshman even get on the board. How dare we indeed. *Snorting with derision* HUMPH.

You know I took a bunch more pictures and video. Check out views from the Indiana Tech vs. Davenport.