Officially A Soccer Mom

Not only am I the Kool Aid House Momma, but I am also now officially a Soccer Mom! Princess Cara has been "demanding" all winter that she get to play soccer when the weather gets better. They play it indoors in her after-care program. Well, we signed her up for the Thunder Soccer Micro Program to introduce her to soccer, learn some skills and have some fun & fitness.

She absolutely loves it. Of course, it is imperative (in her mind) that we are watching. It is also a good idea to be sitting nearby so that when she gets "distracted" and starts playing grab azz with some kid that I can yell - "CARA, FOCUS" and she gets back to the game. The kids are so damn cute running around and the coaches are absolutely wonderful. They seem to be having as much fun as the kids. I was thoroughly impressed.Looks like we will be raising kids FOREVER. Just when I think we are done...God seems to have another plan...and here we go again. So on this, our 3rd iteration of PTA's, sports & activities, school, dances & so on and so forth, the FireMarshall and I trudge along with that knowing look, occasional sigh and lots of laughter. We are much more laid back about stuff with Cara; yet at the same time, we are dead in dat azz. We just don't have the patience like we used to which means we have no concept of time out for bad behavior. Princess Cara is probably the most spoiled rotten of our kids, but she also gets "nipped in the bud, PDQ" faster than the others too. Interesting dynamic.

I know I am snarky about being the KoolAid Momma house and doing the "Kindergarten to College" thing again. If I didn't laugh about it, life would just be tragic. Despite the sarcasm and snarkyness, y'all know the FireMarshall and I are having the time of our lives. I know the FM is reveling in being PopPop & "MY DADDY". As for me...it makes me feel young. With that...I welcome my new title of Soccer Mom!