Becca is a Triathlete!

Today, Becca completed her 1st EVER Triathlon!!!! Talk about proud. We acted a plum fool over this so much that GBaby and I were looking at each other and saying, "Why da hell WE crying?" But cry we did. I cried when Becca go in the water, held my breath the whole time she swam and when she got out of the water with her usual cheesin' grin, I lost it. I was boo hoo'in.

We couldn't boo hoo long cause I had to hump it from the swim area to the first place we could see her on the bike and as I reviewed the map I realized that if we didn't haul azz ourselves, we would miss her at 23rd & Virginia Ave. Robin & I ran from the far side of the Lincoln Memorial and up 23rd, realized that she was going to go under us, hauled through a park with two men doing "yoga?", hurdled the fence and made it with minutes to spare. GBaby & Pier fast walked it and made it just in time to see her go past.

Another Cheese Eatin' Grin. Becca was making this thing look easy.

We went up to GW Hospital, bathroom check & a Star.b.ucks break and we jumped on the metro to Federal Triangle to catch Becca at about the 1 mile mark on Constitution & 12th. We got there about 10 minutes before she turned the corner.

Cheese Eatin' Grin.

While she did the 2.1 more miles, the four of us humped down to the Finish and posted up for the grand finale.

And I started bawling again and couldn't hold the video camera steady enough to get video of the finish but I managed still pics.

Becca crossed the finish line at about 2hours 15 min with that grin that has suckered me into a many crazy things. She made it look like she could do it again right then and there.

Great Job Becca!!!!! YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE.