Mom's Views from Senior Week

I'm back home from being the Kool-Aid Momma for Senior Week. I survived, but I'm tired as hell. The kids were great, well behaved (for the most part) but ya know I had to sleep with one eye open and both ears open to keep things on the up and up.

I only had to Release the Kracken a couple of times and like I said before, the "good" kids snapped to and corrected their ill advised ways while the ones who were looking for trouble scattered like roaches. I really hate saying this, but while managing 15-20 teens as well as the riff raff that came in from locations all around OC, I noticed that there is a significant difference in how black & white kids are raised and their reactions to discipline. You see, for the most part, the black kids are accustomed to getting yelled at, threatened with violence, beat down and respond accordingly with a "Yes, Ma'am" and behavior adjustment. The majority of white kids (except the ones with crazy azz white momma's like mine) look at you like you violated them, they want to talk back, give you the side eye and rebel more. They don't know that kind of bullish will only make a Momma like me INSANE and start crackin' skulls. I thought it was a fluke, but I had to warn way to many white kid that if I got another o_O about my instructions I would poke said eye out of the socket.

Go figure.

The other thing that just sent me over the moon, was these young girls thinking that there are absolutely no consequences to ho'in. That little hookah that decided to stay out all night with her MAN after explicit instructions were given that we were rolling out at 10am and if you ish wasn't packed then you was gonna get left didn't know who she was dealing with. I told them kids to put her shyat in a trash bag and leave it on the deck...if she ain't here, let her momma come pick her up for her MAN's crib somewhere in OC. DA HELL I LOOK LIKE.

Humph. One of the other girls was all sympathetic (yeah, I bet I know why wit your stank azz attitude and behavior too) and begged the Prince to go and pick her up. You BEST be glad he was raised right and showed some mercy cause if I was doing the driving (I was staying for the day with the Queen Mother) that heffa woulda been left 'splaining to her mother why she was not sleeping where she was supposed to be.

HO'ISH BEHAVIOR HAS CONSEQUENCES. I'm gonna need some of you little suziQ play ho's to wise up.

Why are girls just always require HARD AZZ lessons & a beat down. JEEZE.

The boys (Prince Jordan & his crew and Charlee's crew) that were on the trip all achieved their Young Men Badges. I was impressed by their respectful behavior, cleanliness & chivalry. These boys were raised right. They can be rowdy, loud and dabble in a little bit of shenanigans but if I gave any of them the o_O , scolded or asked them to do something - they were on top of it like stink on a dog.

I was so impressed. Why are boys just so much easier?

I got such a kick out of all the kids yelling - "MAAAAAHHHHHHMMMMMM!" in unison whenever I showed up. I'd be walking on the beach to try and take pictures or they'd catch me on the boardwalk and everyone would turn around like - DA HELL? All dem kids hers?. Funny.

All in all, I had a good time. Nobody got hurt. Everybody arrived alive...and they are still talking, telling stories and laughing about Senior Week 2010. I'm glad they had fun and it was my exhausted pleasure to be a chaperon.

Enjoy this video of some of my pictures from the week.