Well...I Finished

That is the best I can say about my showing at The Baltimore 10 Miler...I Finished...and DAMN PROUD OF IT TOO! I wasn't fast and I wasn't last. I finished 1687 out of 1811 women (in the top 93% - BWAAAAHAAAHAAA!!!) with a 5 mile split of 1:07:36 and a finish of 2:15:25. That's a 13:33 pace. YEP - slow as cold molasses but those hills were DOOOSIES!

The only thing that kept me going - especially at mile 8 1/2 when I looked up (see pic below) and that last 1 1/2 mile was totally up hill and I just wanted to say FUGG IT, CRY, and just mosey my way back - was my Pick-Up Pal, Tom. Pick-Up Pal is a "Global Rideshare Community" that the organizers of the Baltimore 10 miler used as a way to get us runners to carpool as parking was a premium at the Maryland Zoo where we started. Tom say my message that I was a driver and had space, contacted me and I had a buddy. Knowing that Tom was waiting for me at the Finish Line kept me moving.

...And he was right there at the finish waiting with a hug. He was a really nice young man - rising Senior at Towson studying Public Relations - not another potential axe murderer as my husband fondly describes many of my "FB & Blog" friends. Thanks, Tom, for the company, the hug and the support. I felt a little alone the night before having nobody on the course with me that I knew, but my Pick-Up Pal made it all okay.

Next up...the Rockville 8k Twilight Run Fest in July. WHEW!