TravelDiva Rant #626

I am a person of my word. If I can't do something, be somewhere - whatever - then I just say I can't do it. If I tell you I'm CAN do something, be somewhere and so forth, then you don't have to check up on me, confirm, double confirm, send me a billion reminders - I SAID IT. I'M GOING TO DO IT.


It yanks my chain, gets my panties all in a bunch and makes me otherwise not such a nice lady, when people say they can do something and then they come up with excuses as to why they now can't, just don't do it - no show, do the thing in question all half the fugg azzed, and/or - the worst - get all fuggin snarky with you about what it is they said they can do but actually can't.


I sent a text to a friend asking if they could talk for a bit. Reply was yes. They call ME. Put me on speakerphone and they get snarky about how they can't really hear me and I'm breaking up. They hang up on me. Mkay. I call back and ask "Did you have me on speakerphone?"

"Yes, I'm busy trying to do a bunch of stuff, so I put you on speakerphone so I could type, look at the computer and talk to you."

WTF? I replied, "Well, if you were so busy then why did you say you could talk. Nevermind then. I talk to you later."

Then they wanted to tap dance about how they were busy & not feeling well & busy, but can listen while I talk - "So, talk." they said.

I tried to be polite and ask about how THEY were feeling and what THEY were working on and I get a snarky response - "I don't feel like answering a lot of questions, so just talk."

After a few pleasantries, I got the hell off the phone.

HUMPH. You knew damn well that you didn't feel like talking. You knew damn well you had a gazillion other things to do. SO, WHY NOT DAT HELL JUST REPLY TO MY TEXT "NO, I CAN'T TALK RIGHT NOW. CALL YOU LATER" or something.

Don't get snarky with me cause you LET me interrupt whatever the hell you were doing when all you had to say was NO. What part of that is difficult...the N or the O. Hmmmm.

And another thing - don't tell me about how you are just an azz when you're not feeling well - that is just an excuse to exercise bad behavior. Excuses are like belly buttons too - everybody friggin has them. The trick is to learn to be polite when you know you have a azz hole trigger or learn to say NO (or otherwise keep from general public until such trigger is in check).

This ends my rant. Grrrrrrr.

I hope you feel better. When you do, then I hope we can talk again.

...OH! And that teen heffa that came into my home and said that she thought my kitten and his litter box in the basement bathroom was disgusting CAN USE THE BATHROOM AT HER OWN FUGGIN HOUSE...and in the words of The FireMarshall, can get the fugg out our house and stay out. My kitten LIVES HERE and is family and has his own covered bathroom in the bathroom. YOU DON'T. GTFOOHWTBS.

I hate some of those damn spoiled azz, pop off at the mouth any ole friggin way ain't never got their azz beat kids.

I swear ya'll gonna have to come bail me out of Jessup. I'm gonna shank a mofo in a minute.

Where is my tazer?