The Scare

Last night I took Princess Cara to a Soccer League Tryout...doing my Soccer Mom thingy...and everything was just hunky dory. I had my lounge chair & book; I looked up at the appropriate moments to cheer and give encouragement; I gave the o_O to the soccer parents that needed a Valium (it ain't that damn serious); I chit chatted with the "normal" parents.

Cara came off the field during a break and said that her chest hurt and that she felt tired. I thought maybe she just had a stitch or cramp. We sat it out a turn, did some stretches, drank some water and she wanted to go back in. I let her. She was playing 2 on 2 and all of a sudden slowed down. Her knees buckled, hit the ground and she fell face first into the grass.

I was like a rocket out of the launcher going across the field to get to Cara. She was face down and when I rolled her over - her eyes were upon but she was unresponsive. I rubbed her sternum (maybe she knocked the wind out of her) to see if I could get a response and after a few seconds she started to look around and then started wailing.

I simply don't recall how in the world I was so calm.

We immediately went to Howard County General (which was about 1 mile away) and we began the journey to figure out what happened.

EKG, heart monitor, blood work, and a chest x-ray. After a little screaming over having her blood drawn, the nurse gave her this huge stuffed bear and we were graced with that a beautiful toothless smile. All the tests and NOTHING. Which is actually a good thing. I'm glad everything came back negative, but I also want to know why my baby fell out like that. The ER doc insisted that we take Princess Cara to a Pediatric Cardiologist and even made an appointment for us for 9 am this morning.

...did I mention we also had Princess Charlee's graduation today too. I'm running on fumes & Makers Mark right now...

Cara had another EKG & an Echo at the cardiologist and everything looked fine. However, because they don't like it (NOT GOOD) when kids just pass out during exertion the cardiologist wants to do a exercise stress test on Cara to try and recreate the event to isolate the cause. SIGH.

Princess Cara is running round the house talking about how "FUN" the 'ologist is and that she gets to play on his toys & video games. Uh Huh.

I'm glad she is doing okay and back to her usual mini-diva self. She sure has a knack for being a drama queen. She has the FireMarshall at her beck and call (prolly already had that) - she is definitely working the pout & doe eye "I'm sick" look. HUMPH.

I want to thank all of my friends and family (including my FB & Twitter fam) for all the prayers and well wishes - for the calls and texts. They kept me grounded & focused when I could have easily been a basket case. I'm still running on adrenaline and alcohol. ER, Graduation, Work, Graduation Party, Graduation Parties to attend and our Anniversary. The show must go on. Without all of you - I know it would be/have been unbearable.

Princess Cara is blowing kisses at everyone. "I feel better, Mommy!"

I think we are gonna give Karate and/or Dance a whirl this time.