Bikram Yoga - Achieving a State of NO DRAMA

I decided that I needed to get in some yoga before the Triathlon this Sunday. Get more limber, get centered, help with focus. After tonight's class, I have scrapped all the other mini-workouts that I had planned leading up to Sunday in favor of nothing but Bikram Yoga.

What did I learn tonight...
1. Whew, Lawd - my muscles are....don't rush it....wait for it....
2. I need a couple of days of learning to achieve a state of NO DRAMA.

NO DRAMA. What does that mean? Our instructor tonight said it several times. She meant stay still, stay focused on yourself, stop fidgeting. STAY CALM. When you are struggling with a pose & can't hold it - don't get frustrated & agitated - NO DRAMA.

Be Still, Focus, Breath.

When you start to get dizzy, overwhelmed or tired, BE STILL. BREATH. FOCUS.


So what, you ask? Well, with 4000 athletes and a gazillion spectators all yelling, screaming, cheering, fidgeting, nervous chattering, moving...I need to know how to stay calm, stay focused & not fidget. I need to be able to lower my heart rate on command. I need to be able to calm down (especially in the water) when I get kicked, swallow some water or whatever else that might happen.


My Bikram Yoga class tonight reminded me how to achieve that state of NO DRAMA. I'm going to get 3 more classes in before the race.

Centered. Focused. A Triathlete.