Princess Cara Gets Her Yellow Belt

I thought I was over the whole "Soccer Mom" deal with Erin grown & Jordan off to college...but alas, with the addition of Princess Cara to the family, The FireMarshall and I are doing the drill all over again.

Here we go again with PTA's, Sports, Play Dates, All Things Disney & now Karate. Except this go around, 13 years after Jordan, The FireMarshall and I are those old parents that are like "Whatever makes you happy, baby." (within reason, that won't turn her into an axe murderer). If she falls or hurts herself, we don't get all in a huff or make a big deal out of it...we are like if there isn't arterial blood, then oops, you be a'ight. Princess Cara is spoiled; we spoil her rotten...but she is a good girl. Ya'll know we love it.

"Mommie, I want to get all the belts my brother has!" Prince Jordan is a Black Belt.

Absolutely Princess Cara. You can do it. We will be there cheering all the way.