Final Harvest

I finally got up out of the bed after dragging my behind in the house around 3 am after CreoleInDC's fantastic dance birthday party, and decided to do some weeding around Princess Cara's Garden. As I was doing the weeding, I also decided to harvest anything left to be harvested and be done with it.

I was lifting up and removing all these huge zucchini leaves and lawd all mighty - there was the zucchini pictured above that was half the size of Princess Cara.

Miracle Grow sure does work Miracles.

The Queen Mum arrived and has taken possession of the King Sized Zucchini and will be making a casserole & a bunch of chocolate zucchini bread. We shall feast off of the fat of the land.

I would have to say that our container garden experiment was a huge success and I have decided to build a box garden next year (a big one). Maybe we just might be able to enter one of our mutant produce into the County Fair.

All of those years of hanging with my girl at HomeAtLastFarm finally paid off.