YES! I finished the Navy 5 miler in just the time/goal I had set for myself coming off the Nation's Triathlon two Sunday's ago. After the Triathlon, I took the week off from all forms of training to give my body a rest. Last week, I did a couple of short runs just to get the feel of my legs back under me.

I felt slow. I WAS slow. My legs still felt like concrete slabs but I pushed through. I set a goal to do the 5 miler is an hour or less and I FISHISHED just as I planned.

Now, it is time to put in some work for the Army 10 miler (I am the Team Captain for the Usual Suspects - see our team shirt over to the right). I plan on doing a lot of interval training in an attempt to pick up a little speed and add 1-2 distance runs during the week. Under 2 hours for the Army 10 miler is the goal. That would be awesome.

Regardless, I will be a FINISHER!!!