HumpDay Randoms of a Traveling Diva

Getting back in the saddle of running again after the Triathlon is NO JOKE. I'm really not feeling it but I have the Navy 5miler on Sunday. I best get to trodding along. I have no doubt I can do it, I just won't be posting no lickity-spit time.

I designed the shirt for the Army 10 Miler for our team - The Usual Suspects. KEEEUUUTTTE.

I think I'm going to hop over the Michaels and get supplies to bedazzle hats for the team. Perhaps a craft activity for the MyGetTogether. Bring your hot glue gun and bedazzler if you have em.

I decided to read the sequel to "Waiting to Exhale" entitled "Getting to Happy". Well, I figured I actually read the 1st book instead of just going off the movie and then start the new one. Fine. I enjoyed Waiting to Exhale...it was much better than the movie (always is). However, when I picked up Getting to Happy, I got through the 1st couple of pages and threw the book down. Same damn sniveling bullshyat I hear and know a lot of women are doing in real life and I just wasn't down for reading about it.

What do I mean, you ask? I was so friggin annoyed with the age ole story of a woman that LIVES with a man for a year, KNOWS that he is scared to fly, thinks Den.n.y's is fine dinning and REFUSES to try anything else, only reads magazines, REFUSES to go on vacations or to movies or plays..blah, blah, blah...and then she is MAD ABOUT IT after 10 years of marriage, BLAMES HIM for her boring life, RESENTS HIM, doesn't COMMUNICATE with him about her needs and LONGS for a DIVORCE or has an AFFAIR.

BULLSHYT. You made that bed, now lay in it or woman up - BLAME YOUR DAMN SELF - and move on. I just hate that sniveling, blame everybody but yourself for your miserable lot in life crap.

HUMPH. But one of my Top Mafia - MsPattey - insisted that I keep reading so we can have a "bookclub" conversation about the book.

Anybody else reading it? Would you be interested in an online book club review/conversation about the shenanigans? Let me know.


I've had the pretty much the same Top Mafia for 20+years. My ride&die, don't ask no questions, just bring a shovel & Lyme kinda gals. I have recently been blessed to be able to say that I have added a new best friend to the team. Do you know how hard that is? But we are just kindred spirits and I feel blessed to have found her. Tree. Apple. Seed.

...but I often have to say "Why ARE you that way?" She brings me joy.

I'm sorry, but I just can't help, consult with or turn over my Rolodex to everybody. Imma need you to stop. People ask too much.

I REALLY wish there was a dislike button on FB.

My new Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubber is the most FANTASTIC cleaning tool EVER!!!!!! Don't ever clean without it. There is no greater joy than getting well water mineral stains out of your ceramic anything. I'm in love!

I also love my new Sink Snake that I bought on a *gasp* infomercial. Drano wasn't working AT ALL. I slipped that sucker down the sink, twirled, and pulled out the HUGE hunk of *GAG* nastiness.

No more stopped up sink. I'm in love!...but it was really gross.

All I have to say is I am leaving the chapter in way better condition, with more money, more sponsors, more members than I found it in. I'm done!

BTW - not all married women who comment on a "relationship" post are jumping up & down, lording their "superior" married status over the single women. Seriously. In my case, I just state my opinion (just like a belly button - everybody has got one) and roll out. If the person reading the opinion reads some "extra" stuff into it - that's on THEM. Whatevz.

I think from now on I'll add...."and I've been married for 23 years, so there." to all of my comments. Just kidding - you know I can be snarky.

I do find amusing what some people call a "standard/non-negotiable" vs a "preference". SMH.

Do you, ladies! Do you...and good luck with that.

I hate when people say they "will try" to do something or be somewhere. Just say you won't or no, you can't. I am a graduate of the Yoda Jedi Master School of Thought...DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY.

Learn to say NO. That try bull crap is some passive aggressive nonsense. IMHO. Yes or No. Do or Do Not. Simple.

The FireMarshall has some great things poppin off. We are ready.

I miss The Prince, Heir to the Empire. Letting go of my son is one of the hardest things I am (have ever) done.

Happy HumpDay. What random thoughts are you having today?