Bull Shark, The Potomac & A Triathlon

I'm sitting on my chase, minding my own business, having a cocktail & watching TV when I get a text from Becca - my Triathlon buddy - with the following message:
"I'm trying REALLY hard to forget about the report of a fisherman catching an 8 feet bull shark in the Potomac today."

Why would she care? Why would she text me with this chilling bit of information? BECAUSE WE HAVE TO SWIM IN THE FUGGIN POTOMAC NEXT SUNDAY FOR THE DAG ON TRIATHLON...THAT'S WHY!

So, what to do? What to think?

I tend to think on the bright side and responded to not worry too much about it...that any other bull sharks in the Potomac should be full feasting on all the fast swimmers & the gazillion people that are in a swim time way before us. That should clear the way for Becca and I to swim through...ya think?

Then I go over to The National Geographic Page and hear that these are "the most dangerous sharks in the world.".... DA HELL!!! I need to run over to the Nation's Tri page and see what they are doing about his. Is one of God fiercest & oldest eating machines gonna be bold enough to swim up to the Lincoln Memorial for a feast. Possibly...but that sucker gonna get a whole lot of younger, faster swimmers before Becca and I even get near the water. I see one lunch box happening and I'll walk the fugg home. TRUST.

So, what am I gonna do. Nuttin. I'm in it to win it. *need to check the race rules on carrying a switchblade* I have a hellacious weekend of training and then rest (Bikram Yoga Mon-Wed; Sleep & Carbs Thurs-Sat) till Race Day (Sept 12th).

You might want to come out with your camera & video....just in case somebody becomes a Happy Meal.

Sorry...that was in poor taste. WHATEVER.