DC Power Team (Pfizer) Reunion

Last night, Stan Wilson (middle guy, back row), came in town from Texas and wehad an impromptu DC Power Team Mini-Reunion. It was just awesome to see some of my teammates from the good ole days at P.fizer - when selling was selling, when we kicked butt, and won everything...District of the Year, Circle of Excellence, Vice Presidents Club. Ha! We Rocked! We even had a mascot...The Power Bot...with a set district code of ethics and rules of engagement. You can read the HISTORY OF THE DC POWER TEAM by clicking link.
We were only able to get a few of us together last night for dinner at Acadiana's (which was YUMMY), but the stories and memories were great. Two of my personal favorites were when Stan won an award trip to Kiawa (I think it is in NC or GA - can't remember) but he was told that it was an island in Hawaii (as a joke) but he went home and told his wife anyway. He still hasn't forgiven us. Or my man Mike Taylor (1st guy on the left, back row) who has ALWAYS been a Texas Ranger in his heart and hasn't changed a bit...Always wore cowboy boots, the big Texas buckle, etc...you just had to love him...and notice his attire last night...
Nothing has changed at ALL...but at least he has invested in a DVD player and a big screen TV so his family wouldn't have to gather around his Pfizer computer to watch "VCR-CD's" - HE WILL NEVER live that one down either.

The funniest thing last night, was after talking about all the differences at P.fi.zer now and how there are not teams and friends like we used to have (it's definitly CYA time at the big blue now), Ron runs into a friend who works in Government Relations for PFE and he was there having dinner with the damn CEO of the company. You just don't know how much I wanted to go over, shake his hand and say thank you VERY MUCH for the awesome severance package and yes, I'm now kicking your but at a rival company. HA!

Anyway, it was wonderful to spend time with people I used to work with that I actually consider my friends...how many times can you EVER say that.

Well, I'm off to the NSN Conference which starts today officially. I can't WAIT for the Hospitality Suites Tonight.

Ron and Stan RAN DC back in the day. They were a formidable Institutional Hospital Rep Team. You can just see that they ROCKED.Sam Harris (from Ron's old District -"The Federals"), Mike and Debbie.

Now, these are some SHARP brothers. (Stan, Ron, Mike)