The Look of a “Booster” Mom

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We made great time in the rain from MD to Atlanta, GA for the season openers of Indiana Tech’s Lacrosse Season. Friday nights game was…wet. It poured all day and by 8:30pm it was still drizzling – SIDEWAYS. There were no bleachers set up so after standing in the cold rain for a bit we took up shelter in the adjacent parking garage (and still got wet as the rain was coming in sideways). We only survived till halftime before we dragged our wet rat selves back to the hotel. Despite the weather, the team won against Appalacian State 11-9. YES!


As a side note, the girls and I drove down ourselves because TheFireMarshall had a business meeting on Friday. He was scheduled to fly down Fri night but when he got to the airport he was informed that the flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems…and AirTran…you get a FAIL for customer service. TheFireMarshall was basically told he was S.O.L (shyt out of luck) and that he had to call Ex.pe.dia to see what they were going to do. He calls me and I had to tell him this was NOT the time to play ‘The Diplomat’ and get that ish straightened out. He call Ex.pe.d/ia and they get him rebooked and they told him that he needed to go back to AirTrain and get a hotel voucher since THEY cancelled the flight due to mechanical problems. He goes back to the AirTran counter and they were like ‘Oh, yeah. We do have to give you a voucher’. I guess if he didn’t go back they would have been like WTF-EVER. Perhaps it is a good thing ya’ll getting bought by Southwest. Perhaps then you’ll get the customer service thing right.


N.E.Way…we got up this morning, had breakfast and were greeted with SUNSHINE for the noon game against Palm Beach Atlantic. Awesome game. The Warriors were BEASTLY, spankin dat azz 15-8.


We have one more game tomorrow at 9am and then will hit the road directly and projections are that we will be back home by or a little after Super Bowl halftime.


Off to dinner with The Prince, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm…and the most BEASTLY GOALIE on the planet. IMHO