35 Minutes Later....

...Ronnie Bear was out of surgery. Whew that was quick. I go back downstairs to the recovery room and this is what I find....a man stoned on anesthesia. He was all slurring his words, falling back asleep, talkin' crazy and stuff. It was trying not to laugh but then he actually asked me to take his after picture for the blog. The nurses and I were chuckling the whole time as Ron tried to "pose" for the picture.

Ron was just pitiful. We were all trying to get him to sit up to get dressed and he wouldn't stay awake. He would just fall over. Hilarious. ...And the whole going to the bathroom think was a scream. I'm in the bathroom with Ron and he just standing there with his head up against the wall. He fell asleep again. I had to yell at him to get him to wake up and focus on the job at hand...cause it wasn't gonna be me cleanin' up the pee. Finally, he said he didn't have to go so we just got him back dressed and sitting in a chair. The whole procedure only took about 30 minutes but it took us another hour and half to get Ron coherent enough to get him in the car to go home.

I tried to take a picture of the shards of bone that they took out of his knee...one almost the size of a quarter. It didn't come out very well on my phone substituting for a camera, but it will have to do. The doctor was amazed that there wasn't more damage to the knee and cartilage. Ron will make a nice recovery...if he ever wakes up. I can't wait to hear the sniveling when he has to start his exercises.


  1. Lord have mercy... He looks so pathetic... he wins the MOST PATHETIC ACTOR AWARD... Can we get a Grammy/Emmy/Golden Globe Award...

    I think Denzel should play his role... Upcoming feature Presentation... A Man Down... lol

  2. Poor, poor Ron. How does he feel this morning?

    I guess I was sort of surprised they let him walk to the bathroom while he was still ga-ga. I sure as heck wouldn't want to have to catch him as he fell!!!