Hangin' with Mini-Me

Ron and I went to Cara's "special" school for her class' Holiday Party. "Special" I say because Cara goes there 4x/week from her home school for speech theapy and language development. When we took custody of Cara-baby, she was 18 months old and barely spoke. It didn't get much better as the year progressed. She sounded like she was underwater. One of her teachers at Bro.ok.field Chri.stia.n Acad.emy recommended that we have our peditrician evaluate her because she wasn't forming words correctly. Several evaluations, hearing tests, tubes in her ears social workers later and now "special ed" - we have a child who won't shut up. Blessings all around.

Cara was so happy to have "mommie & poppop" in her class. We made snowflake rubbings, snowmen from stickers and frosted & decorated a snowman sugar cookie - THE highlight. Check out the pictures....