So Why U Trippin?

On the way back from a party last night (WONDERFUL FOOD & it was great to see people we had not seen in a long time), Ronnie Bear and I were talking about the death of a (alleged) friendship and I was going on and on about how the last couple of incidences that happened just solidified my theory that after all this time, we all were never really friends - that it was a business relationship - a relationship of convenience & proximity. I was telling Ron how disappointed I was; that I (we) had vested so much of ourselves in the friendship only to find out that it was all a lie. It was always a one way thing and as long as we (Ron & I) were doing what the other couple thought we should be doing, they way they thought it should be done - then everything was A-Okay. WTF?

Ron and I NEVER treated any of our business partners/downline that way and to this day still don't. Life happens to people. Life sometimes gets in the way of "building the business" and people come & go. People find other ways to make their dreams happen that work better for them. GOOD FOR THEM. We are rooting for you and want a seat at the celebration. That is the ultimate goal, is it not? Well, for some, the only way to make your dreams come true and become financially independent is the way they have been doing it for the past 15 years+. I figure that after doing the same thing over and over and getting the same damn results (no growth to speak of), that you would move on. Nope. Just keep doing what your doing and it will eventually pay off. Lunacy.

Anyway, after Ron and I stopped the lunacy because we found a way to make our dreams come true a different, more reliable way....well, people changed. Suddenly, we became persona's non gratis. Hmmmm. No more social events, no more phone calls, no more nothings. When we did see our old "friends", we were treated like an inconvenience...at worst, like a bad customer. I could be all just my imagination - "Ya know they are all so busy." Yeah, well, no matter how busy our other ventures have made us, we always find time for the things & people that really matter to us.

So, I'm grumbling in the car about what I've considered that last death knell of the relationship and Ron doesn't say much. I stare at him while he's driving (he is soooo handsome, looks yummy...oh, I digress) and ask him why none of this seems to bother him at all.

He says, "Baby, nothing that they have done is out of character at all. Over the years, I have watched what they have said about other people that have left or stopped doing the business. I always knew that it wouldn't be any different for us. What makes you think that you would be any more special? What makes you think that if they talk about the lives, common sense and character of other people that have left, that they would do any different for you."

All I could say at that moment was "WOW, let me absorb that bit of perspective."

Ron says, "That's why I seem indifferent. I'm not surprised at all by the change in relationship. I'll start being suspect, when all of a sudden they DO start calling, coming back around and wanting to be with us."............"So, baby, why are you trippin?"

Ronnie Bear don't say much (most of the time) but when he does....Profound.
I'm sooooo over it.

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  1. Yet another instance of what I call..."Tastes like chicken." Your Ron and my Robby would get along FAMOUSLY. LOL!