Knee Surgery

Ronnie Bear had to have his knee scoped and cleaned out. Poor boo-boo kitty. He started whining last night about the pain (Baby, they haven't done the procedure yet- get a grip). Lord have mercy. I'm sittin' in the waiting room waiting for them to be done putting his knee back together again - should be about 40 mins. till he is in recovery. I had to pry his "crackberry" from his hands. (No baby, you can't take it with you into the OR). Here he is in his cute little surgery outfit. I just love the bonnet....

He was trying to emphasize all the "dire" warnings and didn't want me to run off to the bank. HE HE! I'll just log on sweetie - no worries.


  1. That picture of Ron is hysterical! How's he doing now? Joe had a lot of pain with his knee surgery..I hope Ron does better.

    Here is a link to cheer him up: http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1146262181


  2. So freaking hilarious... How can we run to the Bank... We need DEALS with signatures and guarantees... Plus who taking CARA... He goes... SHE GOES!!!! lol...