What a Day!

The Steptoe Clan had a wonderful Christmas Day! We all got up, shook that morning face off and took our annual family photo. Erin decided that this year we should all have Christmas PJ's for the photo and a new tradition in born. We then made CinnaBuns and Mimosa's and toasted the day and the blessings from the past year. We had to sneak Cara downstairs so she wouldn't see her loot in the living room - cause her stuff was just too big to wrap. Stuck a bow on it and set it up in the living room.

We opened stockings and then exchanged gifts.

After we opened all the gifts in the sunroom, we went over to my mothers MTV crib (yeah, see pimped out her apartment - it is THE Hotness) and opened presents from GMa Sandy. Why did she have snowman peeps? Cara had to immediately shove 2 in her mouth.

Back over in my kitchen, Ashley fixed eggs and sausage for breakfast and everyone started either putting together (Dora Vanity), setting up (Gaming Laptop) or charging (Razor Phone) their loot. Jordan hasn't come out of his room since shortly after breakfast. Charlee took a nap clutching her phone and Cara proceeded to give everyone a new hairstyle with the tools on her vanity.

We went over to GMa Willie's for presents and dinner around 3pm. I got GMa stuff that she really needed but wouldn't ever purchase herself...a new phone (the one she has shorts out) and a DVD Player. I had to set everything up for her prior to going home and I had to write out step by step instructions, tape them to the DVD, and walk her through it so she could play her movies. She's got all these movies (the woman loves the TV) and nothing to play em on. Go figure. She's rockin' now.

We came back home and watched Eastern Promises on DVD in the home theater. Popped some popcorn, hit the recline button and pressed play. I was amazed I stayed awake but the movie was rather intense and graphic at times (particularly the huge fight scene in the steam bath). After the movie, Ron and I collapsed in the bed...Ron was snoring in bout 5 seconds....I caught a head cold & cough and nursed myself to sleep with some The.ra.Fl.u. Still got the cough this morning and my throat is killing me but I think I can stand an outing with the kids at the mall...if I can find a place to park.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


  1. Sounds like you had a good Christmas! Hope you have a happy New Year, as well!

  2. Merry Christmas, my friend! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! See you next week!