There are SOOOOO many times that I just sigh at the ignant sheet that people say and do and today was just another one of those days. This time they went from just ignant to a full blown IDJIT.

A fellow alumni from West Point died on the 29th of November. As the Chairman, Communications for the Association of Graduates Diversity Leadership Council, it was my job to send out the notification to the distribution list for the funeral of one of the Long Grey Line. One of "us." I send out the news and I get an email back from another grad that said he no longer lives in Texas (where the funeral is being held) so remove him from the distribution list. YOU IDJIT. You don't have to live in Texas or anywhere else for that matter to want to hear about a fallen comrad. Nobody asked you to go the funeral, IDJIT. We were just sending out a communication. There ain't that many of "us" who graduated from the damn place. Whether you knew the deceased or not, you could at least have a moment of silence for one of the Corps that has gone home. IDJIT. IDJIT. IDJIT. Anyway you look at it.

Whatever. I deleted your IDJIT AZZ from the distro list. NO MORE JELLO FOR YOU!