All White Gala

I want to go on record with how proud I am of Ron. Let me tell you, this man is a hard working entrepreneur. No doubt about it. When he puts his mind to getting something done - it is. Along with that comes a no bullshyt policy when dealing with people he is business partners with. You are either gonna do what he tells you to do or you don't. But don't come crying later when you decided to go and do you own thing or do nothing, and you are not having much success. N E HOO....

A few months back, Ron and his business partner were looking for telecommunications options that they would be able to implement in the Caribbean at the resort project that would help reduce the cost of telephone and internet usage. It is horribly expensive to use cell phones, the internet and even make international calls. Any service that they could use in the resort to make it more enticing to clients was a must. They went to check out a VOIP company (5Linx) that also had video phones and wi-fi cellular among other things. Ron & Derek were obviously sold. In two months time, Ron is an Executive Director with 5Linx and will finish his qualification for National Director by the end of this month. Go Ron!

Last night we went to an All White Gala for 5Linx Enterprises - MD/DC Regional to celebrate recent achievements and the launch of the Wi-Fi Cellphone. It was awesome to see so many successful African-Americans in one room. The music was great (the drinks WAY overpriced) and the people were a blast.

Congratulations Ron and the entire J.E.L Marketing team. I am proud of you and look forward to helping you reap (& spend) the largess of your success.


  1. Outstanding work, my friends! Watching Ron sink his teeth into this opportunity has been a very proud moment for me. If most people were half as talented and dedicated and committed to their work as Ron, success would be common place. You guys have achieved so much and are poised for so much more. Stay the course and God Speed.

  2. What? More success? Don't you think you all are hogging it up at this point?

    Love you! You looked beautiful in your dress, by the way!