Good Sport & Bikram Yoga

So....Ronnie Bear has been whining and complaining about his back, his knees, his lack of flexibiltiy and so on and so forth...to the point where he sounded like a man of 80 not of 43. Earlier this week he "did something" and his back was all flickted and he wanted to go to the chiro and get "adjusted". He was whining big time, so I tried a few yoga poses on him that I've learned from class....and ALAS, he was feeling better.

So today, he was limping around, sniveling and ish. I convinced him to come to my Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) class this afternoon.

Imma just say - my man is a good sport and he gave it a good try. Really. Actually, he did really well for his first time. He didn't run screaming from the room and he actually attempted at least 40% of all the poses. The other 60% was spent just standing there looking at us like we was from Mars. There were some funny moments where I couldn't even hold my poses looking at him TRYING. HIL-UCKIN-LARIOUS.

Now, several hours later, he is saying he feels good and wants to give it another go. Uh Huh. We will see if I have another convert or just a johnny come lately.

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  1. You know I made it through the whole class and now Joe and I are planning to sign up here.

    Mr.Body Beautiful isn't going to be out done by an old fat lady is he? Hmmmmmmmm?

    By the way, there was a woman today watching her son (I assume) practice football and Joe and I both turned to each other and said "doesn't she remind you of Lisa?" From the top of her well made of face to the bottom of her sparkly shoes!