My Best Friends Baby Shower

I hosted a Baby Shower for my BFF Valerie yesterday afternoon. All I can say is my girl was just beeeuuuteeeeful and radiant with her "knocked up" self (Wendy's terms). We had a blast - as usual. We must be the only group of women who come up with a "specialty drink" of the day for a baby shower. Apple Martini's & Pama Margaritas were the drinks of choice. Mom made another SLAMMIN' cake creation.

Val didn't want to play any games ("Let's just play it by ear") Yeah, Uh Huh. Who do you think your dealing with - an amateur. NOT. I searched high and low (gotta luv da google) for some non-traditional but highly entertaining games and came up with three that were a hit. We ended up not play "Blindfold Momma" cause most of the mothers in the room could diaper a baby on one knee in an airplane bathroom in the dark and not miss a beat - no competition. Wendy took the Baby Triathlon prize hands down with her ability to negotiate a contract on the phone while holding her baby and hanging clothes from the clothesline. She rocks.

Congratulations Val & Manny. We wish you many blessings on the arrival of Maia Athena Magoulakis.


  1. Valerie is glowing and lovely. The baby triathlon video was a hoot! It looks like you guys had so much fun.

  2. looks like you all had a serious blast. And the non-tradtional games look fun.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations! Like us, they wasted no time, hu? Now, can she beat our 5 in 8 years? Tell her that I am issuing an official challenge! LOL