Wife Road Rage

Whenever Ron and I go somewhere together he always drives. I like it that way. Very chivalrous and manly thing to do, despite the fact that he generally drives slower than cold molasses and he likes to stay in the same lane behind the slowest car on an interstate (4 lane) highway. Sigh.

To keep the peace, I usually just look out the window at the scenery and/or fall asleep. However, there is one thing that my man does on our road trips that simply irks the ish outta me and always causes me to make my protest known...

...At the first sign of traffic he immediately reroutes like the GPS on my BB. He will go 30 miles out of his way, over the river, through the woods, and into another state to avoid one second of traffic. He would rather it take 4 hours of constant movement than to sit 15 min in the same spot or inch alomg for 30 min at 10 mph.

It absolutely makes me insane. Tonight there was a backup on 95. Ron immediately starts moving over so he can get off at the next exit ramp and "go thru the city". Ahhh hell. Now a 50 min trip will take 2 hours.

By the grace of God I was saved from the road trip from hell. As we pulled on the ramp, you could see that just 500 meters ahead, the traffic cleared. Everyone was just trying to get around a car stalled in the middle of the road. I made Ron do a u-turn and get back on 95.

Is it just a Ron - AKA - Killer of Joy thing, or is it a man phenomenon. Help me to understand.
The TravelDiva
Lisa Steptoe


  1. Why not take the hummer and just drive over the traffic jam? So simple.....

  2. I'm kinda with Ron on this one. I'd rather drive over the hills, and through the woods than to sit in traffic.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    LOL. It's not just your hubby. I was thinking the same thing this morning on the way to work. There is ~1 mile of gridlock (on surface streets) if we leave home after 7am. We left at 7:10 this morning and rather than stick it out for 1mile, hubby drives about 5 miles out of the way. It probably takes about the same amount of time as waiting in traffic but he can't stand to stand still.