Girlfriend Weekend!

I'm so excited. I'm running away from home for the holiday weekend and going to visit with my BFF in the whole world. The Bluegrass State of Kentucky don't know what they are in for with the two of us running amok...and all in a dry county. That won't keep a pair of good women down.
Pattey and I have been friends (let me get it right this time) for 20 years. She is my Big Sister from when I pledged AKA grad chapter at Ft. Knox and has been my running partner ever since. The only thing that keeps us apart is a couple of states between us. Man, back in the day when we were residing in Radcliff (off post housing), we used to spend the weekends shopping, hunting for stuff, building something (DIY projects), hanging. We have been on several adventures together that we still ROTFL about - (invariably it involves me doing something stupid and Pattey documenting/living to tell the tale) - We still talk about the time we rode jet skis together in Hilton Head - we smiled and laughed so hard I think a burst a kidney and Pattey's teeth almost popped out of her head; the trip to the Grand Canyon and the helicopter ride back to Vegas - were I swear she was gonna slap me silly for wanting to play with the instrument panel; the NYC trip where we got up at the crack of dawn to try and be on the Today Show and where I acted like a complete tourist on the subway taking pictures and almost broke some art that looked like a dresser at MOMA; the trip to Cancun, Mexico where we got silly tipsy on the Catamaran trip and I decided to go para sailing off the back of the boat. I hit the water so hard, I knocked the wind out of my lungs and my bathing suit top off my ta-ta's. Pattey was there to capture it all.

We don't get to hang out very often, but we do manage to talk on the phone to each other at least, uh, I dunno, maybe everyday. We are always plotting our next DIY project and have no problem breaking out our tool belts and working together on a project. We are both camera junkies and both have a love for a good alcoholic beverage. Go figure.
What do we have planned this weekend. Nothing much. I'm bringing my entire camera ensemble so we can play together with our cameras and get our recording, downloading and editing skills (especially Pattey's - read the manual) down pat. We will probably do a project at her house (she has a list but she is leaning towards drywalling and finishing the bathroom. Not a problem. We are planning a "sit around the TV" party for the DNC and getting the phones & computers ready so we can participate in the "Word on the Curb" (see side bar). We will probably go out and scoff at men folk - uh, rather see if we can find Pattey a boy toy. Loverfreak (inside joke) is waiting for ya, Pattey.

My flight won't get here fast enough. Stay tuned for updates from my Kentucky Adventure!

P.S. Pattey - remember we are not to acted shocked when we see the size of our butts in real life. Just grin and say - Wow, Girl! You look prosperous. LOL.


  1. LOL @ you look prosperous! I know that you'll have a fabulous time, I'm cracking up just reading this post & looking at the pics. I can't wait to hear of your weekend adventures. I'm about to head over to your axe murdering friend's house with a sufficiently priced bottle of wine cough-3 buck chuck-cough. LOL

  2. Why you wanna leeeve meeeeee?????

    I haven't been home in soooo long and there you go again! How unfair is that????

    Give my regards to the boys at the O club!!! Sigh....I do love a man in uniform................

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Love it! Your top flew off?? wow! LOL