Slicker Than Snot - easySCAN

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I walked into Gi.an.t today to do some grocery shopping and there was this huge kiosk near the front door with a bunch of handheld scanners on it. Two guys in black G shirts were there eager to explain this new system of shopping:

"Save time while you shop! Our revolutionary new easySHOP system lets you scan and bag your groceries as you shop, then simply pay and go. You get groceries faster than ever before."

I have a bagging groceries pet peeve...I HATE eveybody else who bags my groceries. I don't need 3000 bags for 5 items. Uggaaaahh!! I usually do the self scan so that I can bag my own groceries and/or put them in my own bags that I brought. It makes me CRAZY when some helper comes along and starts baggin my ish. If I wanted you to bag my stuff then I WOULD HAVE GOT IN A REGULAR DAMN LINE. *exhale* So, when these guys explained that I scan my groceries as I go, put them in my own bag or the ones they provide, pay and walk out - I was like - Okay, lemmie give it a whirl.

I loved it! I scanned and packed as I went - the way I like my groceries and was done in no time. No fuss, no muss and you can even use coupons. Slicker than Snot.

This is also slick for G,ia.nt too. They need less cashiers, less employees period. You buy groceries in their store & do all the work yourself. Ain't that some ish. Somebody got a big bonus with this idea at HQ.

Whatever. I'm hooked.


  1. This sounds like a great concept. Looking forward to the technology making it's way down here, as I have some of the same pet peeves as you.

  2. How cool is that????

  3. Almost as cool as the Red Box at Wegmans where you can rent a video for a buck and it eliminated their entire video department!

  4. Hey Diva! Thanks for stopping by and always remembering me. One day I'm going to shock you with like one blog a week. :)

    Love this idea! I read an article about the concept about a year ago in Western Maryland and was hoping that it would come to the area. Which Giant were you at you at? *lol* I may need to start shopping there!

  5. I know you posted this just to agitate me!!! BUT, sounds like a great idea to wipe out the (so-called) middle class, get rid of cashiers[gee, we won't need to speak to anyone and they, too, rather than having a job, can go on the gravy train],and pass on the "savings" by raising grocery prices. Way to go G!!!!

  6. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Love it, would love to use especially like me having a three lug behind trying to buy other things