Like a Good Neighbor...

Today my neighbors packed up the last of their worldly possessions and have left to embark on a new adventure in their lives - they are moving to Singapore (career move). They have sent their son off to college, their daughter is getting ready to go to law school and they are running away from home and going across the world on a new chapter in their own lives.

We are really going to miss Brian & Lynn. They were not only good neighbors but they were also good friends. We have spent a many nights on one of our patio's sharing a bottle of wine and our lives. We were there when things were hairy with David and when things got better - we were there to witness a wild, out of control boy become a thoughtful, considerate, reflective young man. We watched over each others houses, each others kids & our pets. We searched together when a pet was lost. They were there like rocks when I got laid off the first time. We were there when Lynn retired and started her own florist business. We broke bread. We supported each other. We were neighbors, we became family.

It was hard saying goodbye...but it really wasn't goodbye. It was a see you real soon. They invited us to visit them in Singapore and use their place as a jump off to see parts of Asia & Indonesia and Ron whipped out the Nation.al Geo.graph.ic atlas and started making plans. I love him, ya know. Their son is going to school in Denver and we hooked him up with my step-brother, Steve, so David would have someone to hang with if he just needed to get away and decompress.

So, while we lost a neighbor - we still have our friends. Ron and I will miss you, Brian & Lynn. See ya soon!