43 Randoms for my 43rd Birthday

1. I Am Relentless - a firery, driving force that lets no setback, no obstacle get in the way of achieving a noteworthy goal.
2. My husband thinks I'm a borderline genius - I agree.
3. I have issues, but I'm self aware of them and deal with them accordingly.
4. I suffer stoopidity poorly. Stupid people get on my nerves and as much as I try to hide what I'm feeling or thinking, it shows on my face and in how I react. Usually doesn't go well, so I tend to avoid stupid people.
5. I can't stand it when people whine about their lot in life all the time, but refuse to take action steps to change it. STOP GLOBAL WHINING.
6. I hate it when people count my money for me. Stop adding it all up. You don't have the faintest idea what it took to get what you think I have, you have no idea about the sacrifices & hardwork and if you did, you probably wouldn't want to do it yourself. Worry about your own ish and we will take care of ours.
7. Furthermore, we don't take advice and don't take kindly to broke people giving us advice about how we should conduct our business and handle our finances. Ummm, how you gonna give me advice on something you have no concept about. Seriously.
8. I stopped "apologizing" for a lot of shayt a long time ago. Yall, know what I'm talking about.
9. ...and I refuse to wallow in your misery with you.
10. I find it amusing how some people think things are "so simple" because it works for them and that that same ish should be "so simple" for everybody else. Life don't work out that way.
11. Everything ain't about you... or me. While I personally believe that they Universer revolves around me...I try to keep it to myself, since I also know that everything ain't about me... I really wish others would realize that too.
12. I can't stand listening to someone crack gum. I find it just ignant and trashy.
13. I beleive I was born in the wrong century & if Worf beamed down and dragged me back to the Enterprise, I wouldn't kick or scream about it at all. I'm boldly going.
14. I don't believe I have much fashion sense, but I know what looks good on me and am willing to pay out the nose for it to ensure quality.
16. I also do not have the patience or the time to slep through racks and racks of stuff and go to discount stores constantly in search of the elusive bargin. I just don't. I walk into to some stores and there is just too much stuff - it makes my eyes twitch and gives me a headache. Thus, I have less "stuff". I do buy on sale a lot...yet I'll take quality at a certain price point over quanity any day to preserve my sanity.
17. I do love places like Ikea, Saks Off Fifth, Nordstrom Rack & Costco's. Go figure.
18. My family believes I am their personal tech support and are sarcastic & sick enought to always order Indian cuisine whenever I'm working on their hardware. I need new family.
19. My mother is the coolest...and getting more & more ornery, sassy, fiesty & set in her ways the older she gets - I'm becoming more & more like her the older I get.
20. I love my grandmother. She is old school - like white glove, WWII old school. She's got no problem telling you about yourself- all with love, a hug, and some good home cooking. I pray to get her age and be able to say what I want, wear purple & spit.
21. My vice - Red Wine & Martini's.
22. Remind me someday to tell you the story of how The FireMarshall got his nickname. It is a hilarious story.
23. I don't believe in Luck.
24. I know I have a purpose. I know I have a destiny. I keep moving forward.
25. In addition to having vices, I have addictions - my crackberry, facebook, bikram yoga...I'm sure there are more.
27. Why can't I stop watching Lost, when every time I get frustrated and watch to choke the shayt outta that bazstard Ben.
28. I can't stand being waited on/getting service from people who don't speeeka ne english. You are in friggin America, speak ENGLISH. Jeeze.
29. I am so ready for a vacation and am thinking Paris with The FireMarshall.
30. Don't let the cute smile and friendly demeanor fool you, I'll cut a mofo quick.
31. I've been to Jungle Warfare School, I can shoot marksman, and still know how to set up a defensive position. Why do people still want to test me?
32. ...cause I've watched like 10 seasons of Law & Order and CSI. I believe I could get away with dispatching some sorry individuals who keep trying me and my patience without leaving any trace. Come on, try me.
33. I have been stripped searched at the airport. Ron says I should have let one rip since they wanted to get all personal with me.
34. I hate it when my husband asks me to give him a synopsis of a show after it has been on for 5 seasons. I just can't. DON'T ASK.
35. I beleive in God but am still having a big issue with organized religion...like church and the people in them. I told you I have issues.
36. I collect things - USMA China, Snow Globes from the places I have traveled to (I currently have about 20), Masks (or similar artwork) from the places I have traveled to or my friends bring me(approx. 25).
37. Almost every piece of furniture or art in our home has a story. So many wonderful memories.
38. I love taking pictures.
39. I love being married.
40. I love entertaining.
41. I hate working, but I work hard...and play hard.
42. I have the most amazing and wonderful friends.
43. I am blessed that I am alive!