The Course of My Life...

...set by a dare.

I had the most wonderful Birthday Surprise Visit. BUBBA WAS IN DA HOUSE. Bubba and I have been together as friends for 32 years - since middle school. We were road dawgs, ride or die friends. I called him Bubba (still do)...he called me Scrubbette (still does) - AND DON'T YOU EVEN TRY IT. He was a year ahead of me in high school and when he graduated, he went to the United States Military Prepatory School - The Prep School for kids with great potential, but not necessarily the SAT scores to get directly into the Academy. They "Prepped" you for a year and then you entered West Point.

Bubba came home during a break and, of course, we hooked up...that's what ride or die BFF's do. Of course, I was the friend who always ended up in a head lock trying to wrestle my way out of it from a wrestler & football player - probably cause I didn't approve of the scraggley girls he brought around. N. E. Way...during that break, Bubba told me that "there was no way in hell a Scrubbette like me could ever get into the Military Academy." Ummm...he didn't know about me obviously.

I told him that I would get into the Academy, and since I was WAAAAAAY smarter than a Bubba like him, I would be his classmate. DA HELL with going to the Prep School.

And my course in life was set. You know the story...I am a 1987 Graduate of the United States Military Academy...I won the bet.

And I wouldn't change a thing.

Funny thing...I'm still Scrubette...He is still Bubba. Life is Grand. I love you, my friend. Thanks for the Memories.