The Beginning of Stories of a Traveling Diva

It all started with my 40th Birthday and one of the most wonderful vacations that I have even been on (it was my 40th Bday gift) EVER. I've been on some spectacular trips, but his one is at the top of fantastic. What made this trip even more spectacular was that my BFF Val and her beau (now husband) went on the trip with us. It is a rarified thing to find another couple that you can travel with. We are the perfect travel companions. Manny and I are the divers, the adventure seekers - Val and The FireMarshall are the layed back ones, escorting us on our adventures, waiting for our return - We all met every afternoon for tea, dinner & fun. It was the time of our lives.

I have always journaled my adventures and sent an email to my friends & family daily of pictures and my musings. You should have seen me translating directions from French to English to find an Internet cafe. I have an awesome story on what happened on my way to said cafe, but that for another time (it happened before I started blogging). Well, my girlfriend Terri of HomeAtLastFarm fame (and starting to become a LAME blogger-yeah, I called you out), told me that I could NOT go on the Tahiti trip and just send emails. She insisted I set up a blog to chronicle the adventures. That is how Stories of a Traveling Diva began. (If you wanna go back to the beginning - click here)

I put together this video slide show from the trip. It's about 10min long, but it is well worth the watch. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.