Mafia Wars

I have a new addiction...above & beyond my addictions to all things red wine, my crackberry, facebook, twitter (although tat is waning)....and its a facebook application that an EEEEEVIIIILLL friend of mine invited me to join.

Mafia Wars

I hate her and yet, at the same time, revere her prowess as a high level Mafia Don. I spend time plotting wo I'm gonna attack, rob, sucker punch or accept a hit contract on during the oddest times...LIKE WHEN I'M SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING. I worry & fret during the day, when I'm out seeing clients that I'll have had my azz whooped and my money robbed cause I wasn't there to master jobs such as Heist a Bank or Collect on a Debt in order to increase my ability to repel attacks & defend myself.

I finally figured out that I had to update the family members in my Top Mafia based on their experience level so I could win more fights and have more powerful backup when a mofo feels they can jump me all willy nilly. I need them to earn more money & experience when doing jobs. Sorry guys...if you ain't trying to move up the Mafia ranks, Imma have to replace you on my Top List. Survival of the fittest.

God help me, if this becomes a free standing app for my BB. I'll never get a damn thing done. PERIOD.

I hate that Bella chick something fierce cause I need a 12 step program.