Bikram Yoga: The Challenges of Being Breast Blessed

Bikram Yoga is an addiction for me...and an amusement. It amuses me to see how far I can push, twist, stretch & bend my body. I love the challenge and keep going back for more...to see if I can make a breakthrough each day.

One thing that almost always gets me chuckling to myself in the middle of class is attempting to do the poses which require you to put your forehead on your knee. I don't care how flexible you are, if you have breast that require anything larger that a C-cup for support - IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY THAT IT IS GONNA HAPPEN FOR YOU...without actually suffocating on your own breast tissue.


I'm a 42D on a good day and no matter how much I try to
  • Strap these puppies down
  • Tuck my face in between them - yeah in the cleavage
  • Tuck my chin, suck in my stomach so hard that my intestines are shoved down into my cervix, and rolling one vertebrae at a time down
  • Pull on my heels, the ball of my foot or any other part of my body till I'm crunched in half

I'm not going to be able to get my forehead on my cotton picken knee. I keep trying. I keep almost passing out from lack of air. Yes, Yoga Torture Instructor (aka - my Bikram crack supplier) I am cutting off the supply of blood to my brain. Practice will make perfect. *SMH*

I've looked around and my fellow big breasted yogi's are all having the same issues. Occasionally, I catch the eye of one of my BBY's and we share an amusing smile and keep on truckin.

I'm off to another class today...I may not get my head on my knee, but I'm gonna try to stick toe today (at least on my left side). Nothing but my fear in the way of that pose. Fear I can get rid of...the 42D's...not so much.