Travel Antics-ATLANTA

-Why da hell doesn't someone tell you that the flight is delayed before you dish out $50 to get on that earlier flight? These airlines are pissin me the eff up.

-I used to think that hotels w/ the door exposed to the elements was camping & slumming it...NAW..the Ham.p.ton I,nn just took it to a whole new level for me. I WON'T be doing that again.

-Thank God for having friends just about anywhere I go. It makes work travel almost bearable. Without Babs & Neil, I think I would have stabbed someone.

-Do I look like a woman you can just ask "Is your diamond real? Really? So don't get all pissed when I say "What da hell do YOU think". Imma shank someone for sure.

-No, you hick mofo's, I don't walk anywhere of significant distance in my Charles David's. Not when we got a effin rental car & especially not to go to that dump of a restaurant. What are these people thinkin?

-How many times do I have to tell you...I AM NOT THE EFFIN ONE!!!

-No, there is NOT a hotel in DC (that I'm going to stay in) for $89 a night. Attend & work that conference your damn self from the Knights Inn. I'm staying at the Westin.

-Rick Sanchez asked if we would pay to use the bathroom on the plane. I told him to GTFOOH wit dat mess and tell the airlines that they might not want to consider that unless they want to find little mushy gifts & wet spots in the seats. Any money they would make would go towards cleaning. Idjits.

-Watching people in the airport is just freakin hilarious...an often quite freakin sad. I need to carry a mobile wax kit, pedicure station & lots of Spanx. I'm just sayin.

I'm tired of drinkin and makin small talk with strangers. Going to the gate to wait. I'm sure I'll have more commentary later. How could I not..this place is ripe with stories.

Lisa Steptoe