Are You Serious?

If you have never before considered the consequences of your asinine behavior at your place of employment, then perhaps you should start watching the news, listening to the current unemployment/layoff numbers and getting your ish together. One thing my father taught me regarding professionalism in the corporate & business world was to NEVER burn bridges. He also taught me that if you plan on taking someone out at work, messing with their reputation or just trying to hamper a co-workers upward mobility, then you best just outright "kill" em. Never just wound your enemy...they tend to recover (even if just a little bit), get pissed and return to reek havoc right back at you. If you are gonna play that back stabbing, passive aggressive, sabotaging mess at work...FINISH IT. Put that person down for good, lest they come back to haunt you.

I have managed to survive 2 layoffs in a little under 3 years - not just cause I'm fabulous and just down right brilliant (which I am) - but because I have managed over all these years to cultivate & nurture my network AND I have never burned a bridge that I thought I might (even in an alternate universe) need to cross at a later time. I am finding out in this here very difficult economy, with layoffs happening left and freakin right to some of the best people I know, that there are a few of those AZZHOLES who actually think I (and some of my friends) have forgotten their pissy behavior and believe we are just going to hand over our network, give them rousing recommendations and help them prep for their interviews at our current companies.

ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS? You see the Prince Side-Eye look above. YEP. That's me, when I get these calls. ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?

You tried to get me put on a performance plan by implying that my "work ethic" was suspect...and now you actually thought you could use me as a reference?


You constantly took credit for my work, my achievements and you want me to forward your resume onto my network of recruiters?


You bum rush my girl, bad mouth her so bad that you get picked for promotion over her because of "perceived" inconsistencies that you created and then you have the audacity to call her husband for help with an interview at his company?


I could go on, but you get the gist. If you have been behaving like an azz at work to everyone around you...Backstabbing, undermining, gossiping...If you are a manager, and you have spent your time finding ways to put certain people on performance plans, trip them up, hinder their ability to get promoted and/or refuse to develop that person...I just want you to know that God don't like ugly & Karam is a byatch.

Thought you were immune & impervious to bad ish happening to you? HA! Whole lot of MF'rs are finding out that their ignant azz can be out on the street just like the rest of us. Guess what...those of us who have had to pull a knife outta our back are helping each other and those bridge burners are getting a little taste of their medicine. Karma is a Byatch.

I'm just saying. So...you back stabbing bridge burning byatches (and you know who you are) STOP CALLING ME & EMAILING ME asking for help, referrals & hook ups. I'm not calling you back & I'm hitting the red x in my email box. I have enough to do with helping myself and my real friends & colleagues.

*Giving you the Prince Side-Eye* ARE YOU SERIOUS?