Bike Ride to Assateague Island

I decided to take a bike ride out to Assateague Island today while the crew was still sleeping (I didn't leave to rent the bike until 9:30am). I wanted to get some exercise in for both my body and my mind. 10 miles out and 10 miles back is a lot of time with your own thoughts.

The ride was actually easier than I thought. It was flat and easy, but it was hot as a cow on fire out there. No shade. No breeze (except when I was on the bridges or near the water - not often). Just me and the open road. My backpack, some water & some SPF75.

I thought about my marriage...it will be 22 years on Saturday. I am blessed and am still in love. We have survived - together - stuff that (according to several blogs and comment sections I read) would bring another couple to their knees and to divorce court. I'm looking forward to another 22+years.

I thought about my son's future. I worry about him but I gotta let the young man go. Sigh.

I thought about some relationships that I have to end and those that I want to cultivate. The past year, I've added some great people to my circle of friends - people I really want to be friends with and add to my Top Mafia. I am excited and feel truly blessed that I have this group around me. Then there are some relationships that just need to end. They are either toxic or just bad for me. Gotta clean house.

I thought about my kryptonite and am taking steps to deal with that little demon in my head that is just a land mine that I throw out in my path from time to time to keep me from achieving my goal. I'm gotta empty my pockets of those mines.

And then I just stopped thinking and enjoyed the view. Enjoyed the moment. Enjoyed some ice cream. Enjoyed the fact that I COULD do what I was doing. I sang at the top of my lungs to the music on my crackberry and didn't care who heard.

When I got back to the bike shop...I felt strong.

It was a glorious ride. A beautiful day.

Could you be alone with your thoughts?