Senior Week Musings

I'm playing Den Mom to 6 young men for Senior Week in Ocean City this week. People keep asking me why nobody else volunteered to help out. I don't know and after being here for a day, I don't really care. I get to spend a lot of time just relaxing. It is nice.

However, there are moments that I wish somebody would just kill me. Six boys are just gross. They are messy. VERY MESSY...and I don't like messy at all. I had to inform them that I am not their maid and that I don't give a freak that they are tired from a day of boogie boarding. TOUGH SHYAT. Take the fuggin trash out and get your drawers up off the floor. JEEZE.

I must be the only adult over 25 in Ocean City this week. I still got it though, but am growing weary of telling these young bucks that I am NOT the cougar for them. NO PLAYA!

I'm way too "senior" and tired to be training up some boy on the Art of Chex. Took enough time to get the one I got trained. Go practice on that little hooka rite der.

Was that strip poker I walked in on last night at 3 am or were they just coming in from the pool. I was just too tired to really get into it, turned on my heels and went back upstairs to my room. I called The Prince on his cell, read him the riot act to SHUT IT DOWN...and it was shut down.

They really aren't bad boys...but they sure do drive me to drink. Good thing I brought my own stash with me.

Dear men...if you have a gut the size of a keg...Don't you dare say shyat about how big some random woman is. You, my fat friend, are equally fat and nasty. SHUT THE EFF UP. I'm just saying.

Pigeons & Sea Gulls are just flying rats, in my humble opinion. Why the fugg are these people throwing bread in the air to feed them. Why are they surprised when they get shyat on. STOOPIT.

It is hard for me to lay around and do nothing...but it feels good.

Youth...young love - exciting and new. Watching these kids all loved up and I wonder what da hell do they know about love. Then I remember that I was engaged at 18 and married at 21. I guess some could have a clue. However, I also wonder how many would still be married 22 years later in this day and age. Not many.

Four men from South American somewhere (I think) were "frolicking" together in the sand (throwing it at each other, racing each other, playing in the water). They all had black hair and matching swim trunks. I was weirded out fo sho.

Who needs a pedicure when a walk on te beach not only works your legs, but exfoliates too.

Why do so many of the young black girls look so mean & angry. Y'all are way too young to have a look of hate and bitterness on your face. Seriously. Will these be the same girls in the future that will always complain that they don't have a man or that some man is always saying they got an "attitude" (cause they do). Hmmmmm.

Sitting on the Boardwalk, watching people go by reminds me that there is somebody for everyone. Maybe there shouldn't be.

People are weird.

I'm going to rent a bike tomorrow and ride it out to Assateague Island tomorrow. 18 miles total. My exercise. I hope I get to see some of the ponies.

Did I say people are weird?

What makes you think that I am going to respond to you catcalling at me? What makes you think I will be devastated when you say "I ain't all that" cause I won't give you the time of day. WHATEVER. I am already firm in my conviction and belief that I AM ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS and will not even dignify your ignorance with a response. TRUST.

Some people are speshul.

I bought a cigar & cognac. It is interesting sitting on my balcony listening to teenage shenanigans. These boys are silly & funny. Was I ever that way? Prolly.

Do you have a son/daughter who graduated this past month? Are they doing a Senior Week?

Who is their Den Mom/Dad?