Road Trip Randoms

- Why is it that The FireMarshall always tells us a time that we should be rolling out the door when we go on a trip and then is ALWAYS (for the last 20+ years) a minumum of an hour later that schedule. I HATE SITTING AROUND WAITING ON HIM. Ugggaaaaahhhh!

- Is there a rule that the driver gets to pick & choose when and where we stop? I gotta go to the bathroom NOW! Not when you decide it is the best time. HUMPH!

- Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE having a wireless card for my laptop. I can access the internet on the highways & byways anywhere there is Verizon service. LUUUUUUUVVVVE it.

- We are traveling on I70/76 towards Ft Wayne, IN (currently in Pennsylvania) and it is so green and beautiful. There is so much open land, trees, rolling hills. Simply majestic.

- The FireMarshall is wheeling & dealing on the phone as he drives. Always a hustler.

- A 9 hour road trip is not so bad when you are not doing the driving and you are in a Conversion Van with TV/DVD, XM radio, wireless laptop, Xbox & leather captains chairs. Not bad at all.

- I always wonder if those Call Boxes on the side of the road really work?

- While I'm all for recycling and reducing trash, I really hate those air blowers in the bathrooms to dry your hands.

- Did you know there was a Baltimore, OH?

- Is there one giant cloud/system of rain storms stretching from the Maryland all the way across to Illinois? Seems like it has been raining & cloudy since we left and we have passed through parts of 3 states so far. Jeeze

- Wow! A female tractor trailor driver. I was surprised. I knew they existed, just never saw one in real life. Her rig was da bomb - HUGE!

- Text from my sister:
Sis: I know you hate me, but I really need some help with some money. This is an emergency.
Me: *Thinking - it is always a friggin emergency* I don't hate you. I pity you. And no I can't help the person who would stab me in the back first opportunity they get - AGAIN.
Sis: Well, at least you have pity for me.

She didn't even address all the drama that she has put me through. Mkay. She has probably moved on to solicit funds from my mother. Sigh.

- There is no way in hell that I am going to build your company for you for FREE while I "develop my (*your*) portfolio of clients. STOP CALLING ME. I am not going to work for Af.la.c or ______ Life & Casualty FOR FREE! It is not going to happen. I am interested in where they find the people who will actually do that.

- OMG. A REST STOP. Hmmmm. This one actually looks like a park and well kept. I guess I can hover...or pee myself. He did stop at the first opportunity and 20 min already had passed since I asked.

- Ft. Wayne...119 miles.

- Willshire, OH is a true wireless dead zone. No AT&T, No Verizon. Period. DEAD.
- Welcome to Indiana - Crossroads to America.

- Still no signal.

- It sure is flat as a pancake out here in the crossroads.

- I got a message while I was in the deadzone from BLAHBLAH. Why BLAHBLAH cause I couldn't understand what you said - even after I listened to it four times and you didn't leave a number or anything. Sorry, bub. Guess you'll have to call me back. Here is a tip...if you are going to leave a message - SPEAK CLEARLY, SLOWLY, AND LEAVE A DAMN NUMBER! I'm just saying.
- The Fort Wayne GM Assembly Plant looks like a ghost town.
- We have arrived.