Random Ramblings

- Ladies...there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING cute, sexy, lady like, attractive...I can't find one positive adjective...about popping/cracking your gum. NOTHING. It, IMHO, makes you look like ghetto fabulous trash. You look hard, crass, lacking any sort of class. No matter how much you dress it up, it just looks and sounds nasty. STOP DOING IT. Just cause you can, does not mean you should. I have spoken.

- Two tone hair is also rather unattractive. I don't mean professional highlights or coloring. I mean when the top (or one side) of your hair is clearly one color (like orange or red) & the bottom is jet black. The contrast is so extreme and reminds me of a racoon. To add insult to injury, why would you have orange hair, pull it back in a ponytail and then add a black hair piece to accentuate said ponytail. Seriously.

- What makes a person think that it is perfectly fine to get out of their car at a stop light, approach another car and start hurling explitives at another driver. Just because she looks like a soccer mom does not mean she isn't packin' and won't put a cap in your azz. I immediately looked around my car for a weapon (only found a pen) and got ready. Let me tell ya...this chick would have stabbed your foolish azz in the neck and asked questions later. DUMB.

- I can't stand a smart alleck. A person that always has a smart azz answer, always has a complaint...but NEVER has a effin' solution. Never adds to or tries to improve a situation, but is always tearing something or someone down. SHUT THE EFF UP.

- It saddens me to see an entire family - from parents to children and a few relatives - that are morbidly obease. Just sad.

- It absolutely makes me insane when The FireMarshall sucks his teeth. Friggin INSANE! Makes my eye twitch...and he still ignores me to this day.

- Why does it also make me crazy to look up at the microwave for the time and see "Press Start" flashing. WHY!!! If you put something in for 2 min, why open the door at 1:45 & take it out? Why not just set it for 1:45. If you are going to take it out early, then PRESS THE GOSH DARN STOP BUTTON!

- I can't wait to get my new iPhone tomorrow. YEAH ME!

- 9 days. Just 9 more days till we are in Cancun.

- Am I the ONLY one qualified to do laundry?

- I should not have to point out "the ground rules" to being my FB friend to someone I have know almost all my life. But just as a reminder...you step outta bounds just once and Imma bounce you outta my life, my FB, my brain FOREVER. You have been warned.

- Why can't I just be "a nice lady" with goodness & light? Why do people want me to pull out my taser and zap them directly between the eye.