FREE TOYS Puts Everyone in a Good Mood

Tis the season to be thankful and to be of good cheer. Right now, I need a pick me up myself so what better way to lift my spirits and perhaps that of some blessed readers with some FREE TOYS!

Ebeanstalk Announces their Cutest Kid Playing-With-A-Toy Contest.
(You know you really don't have a chance cause Princess Cara is THE CUTEST kid - I know, I'm biased - but I'll let ya'll have a chance anyway).

So, here is the deal...

Take a picture of your little one playing with a toy, and email the picture to emily@ebeanstalk.com. It's just that easy.

You don't have to leave a comment (but one would be nice). You don't have to post on FB or Twitter (but passing it on would be friendly). Just take your sweet bundle of joy (ie. RUG RAT) picture playing with a toy - any toy - sent it emily@ebeanstalk.com and you are done.

Be 1 of 10 lucky winners to win a $50 gift certificate at ebeanstalk this holiday. Entries will be chosen on their cuteness-level.

Privacy ensured! Entrants will not be spammed. Do not send your address for privacy purposes - just email and the FIRST name of your child.

For everyone: All blog readers will receive a 10% discount at ebeanstalk of any purchase. Enter the code ebeanstalk100 at the cart!

Ebeanstalk is a website dedicated to selecting great, safe baby toys and kids toys. They rely on the opinions and feedback of bloggers and moms around the country. Also their team of child experts help to pick out unique toys...but you be the judge!

Winners will be picked at random on 12/1/2009. GET YOUR ENTRIES IN NOW!