Random Thoughts from the TravelDiva

I ended up only completing 25 days of the 31 day Bikram Challenge. Stuff happened...doesn't it always.

Am I the only person who does yoga and doesn't have a tatoo?

Sometimes I find Fac.e.bo.ok and blogs to be just like a soap opera...tune in for the next episode of "As My Little World Turns". People are a damn hoot. Who has all the time for this drama and intrigue. Seriously.

A lot of times...I just don't give a rats patootie about your drama.

My sister called and asked to borrow my sleeping bag. No, darling...you can keep it.

We have recovered from a bout of the piglet flu. We had a great ole time with the biohazard signs, chasing her with Lysol and laughing at her expense.

She didn't think it was funny at all. As a matter of fact, she thought her life was one big tragedy becuase she couldn't go to a party this weekend. The mind of a teenager. Uggaah.

Please don't ask me if you can do anything for the fruit of your loins since she is sick when you know DAMN WELL you ain't gonna cough up nothin.

More people need to laugh and not get their panties in a bunch over every little thing. Life would be a big ole tradgedy if you couldn't laugh about it.

I didn't give a friggin damn what those parents thought about me throwing lazer beams from my eyes and screaming "Have you lost your everlasting mind!!!" at my child who was about to go into a full blown tantrum in the middle of the street while at a halloween party.

That's why I will NEVER be afraid of my kids (they need to fear me and my ability to snap crazy), they will NEVER talk out of their mouths at me, they will not have tantrums or grow up to be heathen axe murderers. CAUSE IMMA NIP THAT ISH IN THE BUD PDQ.

Trust. Call the PoPo if ya wanna...Guess what?...They remove the heathen devil spawns from the home - I get to stay in the lap of luxury.

I'm mad that I didn't take the two pumpkin muffins that Sissy made. Got halfway home and realized I had left them on the counter. HUMPH!

That request for me to vote for you to be President of some ad.ul.t entertainment company was totally inappropriate.

You don't know me like that - AT ALL.

I think Foamy the Squirrel is The Tell It Like It Is MAN! He nailed that whole FB thing. Nailed it!

Soiz & I bought our girl, HandyHotNess-Kentucky, an airline ticket to come visit and hang with us for the weekend for her 50th Birthday.

Lawd Hab Murcey on the DMV. We are gonna have a blast!

Friday won't get here fast enough.

I love my friends.