Nintendo WiiFit Plus Party

I don't even know what to say except WOW!!!!!! This was the second Nintendo event that I have been invited to and let me tell ya - I AM A NINTENDO FAN - as well as a fan of the hosts that were gracious enough to invite me.

Last night we went to a gallery in Bethesda and we "worked out" the new training programs on the WiiFit Plus. What a hoot and a dag on good workout to boot. My favs were the Yoga routine (I can't wait to try the new advanced poses they added), Kung Fu Rythm, Obstacle Course & the Hula Hoop. Shelly kicked all of our butts with on the Hula Hoop workout with something like 330 spins - none of us even came close. OneFromPhilly has got that Obstacle Course down pat - perhaps her fondness for WipeOut was the key.

The people from Nintendo were awesome AGAIN as as usual. Most of the time you didn't even know they were there, but they were a lot of fun. Thank you, Sean for gracing us with not one, but two renditions of making "BIG CIRCLES." Sigh.

The food & beverages were fabulous (it was a real stretch not to be greedy, but those rolls were slammin').

The night ended with CreoleInDC (our hostess) being presented with a Wii Game System and the WiiFit Plus...but it wasn't over...cause "EVERYBODY IS GOING HOME WITH A WiiFit PLUS!" We started jumping up and down, screaming like we were on an episode of Oprah's Favorite Things. But that's not all. I commented at the beginning of the event that I would really love to have the Nintendo WiiFit Jacket that the Nintendo people had on...AND GUESS WHAT...(*cue screaming*)...we all got one.


Thank you and much props goes to Nintendo and CreoleInDC for such a wonderful time and awesome opportunity. I'm hooking mine up today and we are gonna get some family fit time on.