Random SideEye Opinions on Internet Opinions

If you are going to put a post up about something you did or are contemplating doing and ask your audience to give their feedback on it....IF YOU ASK FOR AN OPINION...
  • expect to get some.
  • expect that not everyone is drinking your brand of dumb ish Koolaid.
  • expect that not everyone is going to co-sign on bad behavior & bytchassedness
  • expect to get a few opinions opposite than your own brand of crazy.
...and if those opinions are given in a respectful manner (no cussing or name calling) then don't get your panties in a damn bunch and call those people "haters" or worse. Seriously.

If you can't handle the fire, then get out the damn kitchen and stop asking for opinions/advice from virtual strangers.

It seems as if more and more people, especially on these here Internets, are just a bunch of passive aggressive wimps that can't have a decent, mature, rational discussion regarding conflict or issues. Get a pair...Please!

I suppose I'm filled with hateration. Yeah, whatever.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I jacked out of the Matrix a long time ago and am just a crazy azz "nice lady". Don't let the cute smile fool ya.

If asked, I speak my mind and am not going to babysit, pick & choose my words, walk on eggs sells around you, etc. etc. so as to not possible hurt your feelings. If you are doing grown folk stuff then I'm going to talk to you as a grown folk. PERIOD. If you can't handle my shot glass of truth, delivered in a respectful manner, then perhaps you should go back up on the porch with the puppies. STOP WHINNING, stop complaining, sniveling about your lot in life and why things do ever change...blah, blah, blah. Assess your situation, review the advice received (from your wisest Top Mafia), do your due diligence and MAKE A COMMAND DECISION. This business of lying on that nail IS childish. Grown folk doing grown folk stuff need to get off the porch & run with the big dawgs if you plan on having a decent, rewarding life.

Don't shoot the messenger cause you are trying to drink the hard stuff when you are still on the baby bottle.

Get yourself some pabulum (intellectual nourishment) and straighten your spine. Mkay?

Jeeze people.

Let's band together and STOP GLOBAL WHINING!