It Is No Wonder...

Last night the FireMarshall and I went to Stat.ion.9 to help celebrate our GodNeice's 21st Birthday and we both sat there with our mouths hanging open - me clutching my virtual pearls & the FM scowling and ready pull off his belt and begin to azz whoppin on the whole club.

What we saw happening in terms of "dancing" (if you could even call it that) and dress was equivalent to watching soft p.o.r.n live and in living color. We watched as young "ladies" in their early 20's, most of them Ho.war.d U students come to this club dressed exactly like garden implements - STRAIGHT UP HO's. Dresses so frigging tight that it left us with no doubt that they had absolutely NO undergarments on. They couldn't possibly. Dresses, skirts & shorts so frigging short that with one gyration of a hip, we were given proof positive that they didn't have panties on and that the hedge needed to be trimmed. We couldn't understand why they just didn't come in a their underwear or nothing at all. I had more material in my own bloomers than at least 2 girls put together.

However, the dress code (if you could even call it that) was not what really sent me into my Prudish Clutching Pearls moment...it was they way these chicks were dancing. We were absolutely MORTIFIED. We watched as several girls actually bent over at the waist, backed it up, backed it down & all around while the guy de jour tapped that azz to the beat of the music. Then it got so intense, that they would get into a kind of chain to execute what I could only describe as a group chex line (or they would hold onto the pillar if they were near one) - girls would bend over & hold the waist of the guy in front & so on - so that they could get a better grip and apply more force/leverage so the guy could simulate tappin it. I watched as girls would squat down down to crotch level or EVEN KNEEL ON THE FRIGGIN FLOOR while the guy would simulate gyrating his hips as if the girl was doing oral sans ropas. GTFOOH!!!!!!

Is dance floor chex a new dance move? We watched as the young college girls that had the whole life ahead of them dress and act like garden tools. We watched in horror as these girls (one was freakin so hard she blew two buttons off her dress - and asked the girl sitting next to me for a safety pin - WTF For?!!!) did their best performance for a chex film entitled College Girls Do Entire Club. I simply could not fix my face for one more minute of these shenanigans. The FireMarshall looked at me over the top of his glasses and that was the cue for us to roll out.

It is no wonder, no surprise AT ALL, that a more than a fair share of men these days treat women like hoo.kers, talk to them any ole kind of way, treat them like dirt, maybe even hit on them. NO WONDER.


Ladies...if the shoe fits, wear it. However, we have GOT to do better. If those are your shoes, get new ones.

You can't expect a man to treat you with respect if you don't treat yourself with respect. You can't expect to find Prince Charming in the man you let hump you in a night club and then passed you to his buddies like a piece of meat. He WILL NOT be taking you home to meet mama. You can't expect to behave like that and then expect him to see the nurturing, beautiful woman you are who will be the mother of his children. Stop acting shocked when the man you were chexing up in the club calls you a Byatch or worse when in the heat of an argument. You already set the standard of behavior.

Men are pretty simple creatures when you boil it down. They are hunters. They learn how to hunt different prey through experience. They learn what they can and can not do/get away with in order to have a successful hunt. The way they hunt for a quick meal is vastly different from the way they hunt for the future Mrs. Gatherer. I know for a fact that a man can look at me and KNOW that I AM NOT THE ONE to come at with some craziness or jedi mind tricks. It is all in the respect I have for myself, my demeanor, my carriage, the way I dress etc. However, the ladies doing the stuff & dressing the way I saw last night are setting themselves up to be quick prey; thrown to the side with your entrails hanging out on the side of the road. STOP IT.

Men won't do right by you till you do right by yourself. STOP IT. DO BETTER. NOW.

I'm just saying. What you think?