This Is How We Do It - Christmas Decorating

This is how we do it here at True Blessings with the Christmas Decorating. For the last 15 years+ we spend the Friday (weekend) after Thanksgiving putting up our Christmas Decorations. The rule is...if you can't land aircraft by my lights, then you don't have enough. PERIOD. We have to get all the decorations up by the 1st weekend in December. WHY? Because the Army-Navy Football game is usually played the 1st Saturday in December and if the game is not played in Baltimore/DC then we host a HUGE football party. If it is local then we even host an afterparty...it's tradition.

Thus, decorating frenzy.

Here are some pics from our decorating madness this weekend. My mother hasn't even started on the Fontanini Holiday Display; however, this year she has until the 12th to get it all done. We got a little breathing room as the A-N game is not till the 2nd Saturday.